Wellness at Mcbains

With the famously restorative healing powers of the Witte River a stone’s throw from our front door, and with beautiful, expansive trails in every direction, McBains has created a space that facilitates wellness, healing, recovery, and general ‘timeout’.

To honour this intention, we regularly collaborate with yoga facilitators and healing practitioners of all modalities to offer weekend retreats where we ‘hold space’ as a venue for groups of like-minded individuals to come together to share, learn, rest, explore, and nourish.

If you are a yoga teacher, wellness facilitator, life coach, or intentional healer looking to create an affordable getaway experience for your community, the best idea is to reach out to us via email on info@mcbains.co.za to share your vision and we can take it from there.

Personal Recovery and TRE®

Justin is a qualified addictions counsellor, offering one-on-one counselling and guided hikes for those in need of a personalised addiction recovery programme that is not too prescriptive or pre-determined.  Ma’ayan, is a qualified TRE® facilitator and counsellor, offering guided TRE® sessions for groups and individuals, also by prior arrangement.  If you are an individual seeking some quiet time or a long stay while you are in-between things, email us on info@mcbains.co.za to low-key share your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you in terms of providing you with that much needed ‘room to breathe’. There’s plenty of room for that up here!