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Personal Recovery and TRE®

Justin is a qualified addictions counsellor, offering one-on-one counselling and guided hikes for those in need of a personalised addiction recovery programme that is not too prescriptive or pre-determined.  Ma’ayan, is a qualified TRE® facilitator and counsellor, offering guided TRE® sessions for groups and individuals, also by prior arrangement.  If you are an individual seeking some quiet time or a long stay while you are in-between things, email us on to low-key share your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you in terms of providing you with that much needed ‘room to breathe’. There’s plenty of room for that up here!

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General Info

TRE® is a body based practice which helps to release tension, stress and trauma from the body. TRE® evokes a self-controlled mus­cular shaking and tremor, which usually begins in the legs and pelvis. The tremors facilitate the shaking out of protective tension, allowing a state of deep relaxation in the body. When we offer our bodies the opportunity to let go of tension, we are able to find rest, relaxation, and deepen our emotional resilience. This allows us to connect more deeply with our innate wisdom and become empowered to live with greater compassion and presence.

Tension, stress and trauma are unavoidable parts of life. We feel stress every day in different ways: our bodies may register chronic stress and cause our muscles to tense up, or we may experience mental stress in the form of worrying, increased irritability and repetitive thoughts. When our system becomes overwhelmed by stress, our usual coping strategies may no longer provide sufficient protection to our body and mind. We may start to feel helpless, disempowered and a sense of disconnection between mind, body, and spirit can arise. While these are normal responses to chronic stress and trauma, if left unattended they can have far reaching consequences on our health and wellbeing. Trauma is known to overwhelm our entire sense of being, shattering previously held beliefs and challenging our understanding of ourselves. This shattering effect may force us to think in new ways and feel emotions at deeper levels. Many people who have worked with their trauma and found healing discover that their life is fuller and they are able to relate with greater care and compassion to themselves and those around them.

TRE® allows us to reconnect with our body and release chronic tension through a natural shaking mechanism. When facilitated by a trained therapist, TRE® is a safe, gentle and effective way to release tension patterns which have kept us in our protective fight-flight-freeze mode and no longer serve us. TRE® is suitable for anyone who is aware of ongoing tension and stress in their lives and is seeking to find a natural, safe and gentle way to allow their body to release this long held tension. TRE® is suitable for anyone who has experienced trauma, and is wanting to support themselves in their healing process. TRE® is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has undergone surgery in the last 3 months.

Individuals who have physical or psychological/psychiatric conditions that require strict regulations should consult their medical practitioner before engaging in the process. TRE® is safe and effective in supporting stress release and healing from trauma and challenging life circumstances. TRE® should not be used as a substitute for trauma recovery procedures of a medical or psychological nature.


Please get in touch with Ma’ayan for more information: / 083 462 5991